The 21st Century Halifax Hockey Killers


Who were the 21st century Halifax Hockey Killers?

Nicknamed the "Halifax Hockey Killer", Jermey Moreno was born in Dartmouth, in 1988. He was a quiet child, who was homeschooled up until grade 12. After he graduated, he moved to Halifax where he would go to college and join their sports hockey team, "Halifax Hunters". It was reported that Jermey was very violent during gameplay, pushing people, starting fights without reason, and sometimes even in the change rooms. He was kicked off the team after being caught trying to drug the other player's drinks before the game. Jeremy then beat his coach to death, and several other of his teammates, before leaving the scene. The last sighting of Jermey was in August of 2016. Description: medium-length black hair, 6 feet tall, and a dark complexion. was wearing a Halifax Hunter's jersey, and a "homemade goalie mask".

Nicknamed the "Hockey Killer Copycat", Riley Anderson was born in Halifax, in 2001. He attended public school and was never thought to be any different from the other students. He was very fixated on true crime during high school, specifically Jeremy's case. He made fan videos of him, replicated his goalie mask, and even joined the same hockey team when he went to college. Riley wrote online that he "admired Jermeys work" and that he "wanted to make him proud". He was planning an attack at the rink, on the same day as the 2012 massacre. Police found guns, knives, and other handmade weapons at Riley's apartment, but they weren't used during the killing. Riley confessed that he had killed his Coach in his office during a heated argument, and had made a make-shift ax out of tape, skates, and a hockey stick, which he used to injure and kill several of his teammates on the ice. Many people witnessed the event, including the family members of the victims. later that night, he was arrested and brought into custody after being found trying to hitch-hike just one town away.

The Victims

2012 massacre

Jackson Richards, 1981-2012

Tye Melbord, 1991-2012

Calvin Rye, 1990-2012

Ethan Macburnie, 1992-2012

Dae-Ho Brown, 1991-2012

2022 massacre

Marcus D'write, 1997-2022

Brian Tremblay, 2001-2022

James Leblanc, 2002-2022

Clark Li, 2001-2022

Daniel Smith, 2003-2022

May you rest in peace